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On June 18 we will be one of the presenting partners during Microsoft's Innovate Friday

For our break out session we will be joining forces with our appreciated partner Heroes. Heroes is an inspiring organization that helps other companies in their journey to become data driven and accelerate with the use of Microsoft Azure.

During our session we will explain how to get started on your Data and AI journey in Microsoft Azure. We will address what roles from your organization you require to kickstart your data journey and how to manage your data estate in the cloud to keep it all in control and compliant. 

Innovate Friday - Retail

This event will be all about creating chances in retail and consumer goods after the recent pandemic. During the event you will be able to discover how you can beat any competition with the help of Microsoft Azure. From AI to robotic fulfillment, in the end it all comes down to data and what you do with it. 

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This break out session will be hosted by:

Joran Markx

Joran Markx

Co-founder & Azure Lead at CloudNation

Tom Steenbakkers rondje

Tom Steenbakkers

Co-founder & Program Manager at Heroes 

Accelerate with dataCloudNation knows how.

Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have become crucial technologies to continue to be competitive for many businesses. Data has become an important part of the decision making strategy. Especially for the dynamic and competitive business you are in, it is important to be ahead of the game by becoming a data driven companyThis will help you run a more efficient business, predict patterns and deliver more value to your customers.  

To do so effectively, there is no way around the cloud! Microsoft Azure provides you access to technology which will help you to drive agility and innovate faster. But how to start this journey? And what should you do to set-up up a secure and governed data platform? Maybe you have already set-up the foundation, but are still looking for the next step? Is the foundation already in place? Then you can start your data journey. We will show you one of our customer cases about how they transformed to a data driven company using Microsoft Cloud.

To get started with data you can take part in one of the Azure Synapse PoC in a day workshops from Heroes, to see and feel how the Microsoft platform will really help you the get the insights you need. Alternatively you can follow one of the AI Masterclasses to accelerate even further on your data journey. Find more info below

Landing Zone Accelerator 

A secure Public Cloud foundation within 5 days

To jumpstart your data journey CloudNation has developed a Landingzone Accelerator. This program offers organizations in retail a mechanism to speed up their cloud transformation while making it more secure. It takes away the need for in-house cloud knowledge and ensures the use of best practices for your company. We use nothing but proven effective security methods to guarantee a high quality Public Cloud foundation. 

Download our Landing Zone Accelerator offer for Innovate Friday attendees via the button below.


Azure Synapse PoC in a day

You are sitting on a data goldmine

What if you realize you are sitting on a data goldmine, but cannot use its full potential now? Or what if you want to migrate your data safe and sound to the cloud? Azure Synapse is a holistic data platform which allows you to build and manage a modern data warehouse. Microsoft’s SaaS (Software as a Service) platform offers unique elements working together in Azure Synapse:

  • Data warehousing to support business critical data and dashboards;
  • Data lakes to clean and explore (un)structured data;
  • Interactive visualizations of data with Power BI.

Download the Azure Synapse PoC in a day offer for Innovate Friday attendees via the button below.

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