Accelerating your Kubernetes deployment in Azure, CloudNation knows how.

The strength of Kubernetes lies in its ability to blend the simplicity of Platform as a Service with the stability of Infrastructure as a service software. This provides developers a flexible open-source tool to build personalized Kubernetes workflows. But there is a catch to ultimate flexibility! 

As the Kubernetes open-source community expands, many DevOps teams need to create more streamlined and automated processes, which tackle new deployment challenges.

Carlo Knows How

CloudNation's Azure Kubernetes Accelerator

That's why CloudNation has developed the Kubernetes Accelerator Service for Azure: A 5-day program that will allow you to start with a solid foundation to accelerate your running workloads within no time. 

The Kubernetes Accelerator Service includes:

  • High level design of the to build Kubernetes environment, based on the Azure Kubernetes services;
  • Fully automated deployment of the Azure Kubernetes service, based on our CI/CD pipeline; 
  • Exit strategy: you have no lock-in to our infrastructure as code deployment framework, your services will still be running and manageable;
  • Optionally you can stay up to date with updates & upgrades of the kubernetes services by onboarding to our managed cloud services. 
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Benefits of the Kubernetes Accelerator

More secure

  • The Azure Load balancer is the default public endpoint of K8S. We configure the Azure Web Application Firewall as protection layer between your cluster and the internet;
  • We will help you keep the nodes up to date within the cluster while balancing your applications smoothly during the patch process;
  • Role-based access is by default admin access! We will configure the cluster for the least-privilege access. 

More scalable

  • We will configure your cluster to scale as expected. Kubernetes is made for scaling, but workloads do not scale-out automatically accordance to the actual load;
  • Pods are not re-balanced when you up- or downscale the cluster. We will ensure that pods will rebalance to ensure optimal costs and performance;
  • We will help you with a strategy for autoscaling to find the sweetspot for costs and availability.

More resilient

  • We help you to select the right size of the nodes required for the workload. And eventually decide how to save costs on the long term;
  • By default, resource limits are not configurated. We will work together to tailor the limits to your needs;
  • We'll make sure the cluster is deployed with Microsoft's best practices and extras. To ensure compatibility with new features and updates from Microsoft. 

Ready to accelerate your Kubernetes deployment?